Ar lengva parašyti rašinį anglų kalba?

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Tikriausiai dauguma mokinių pasakytų, kad ne. Tai išties nėra lengva. Tuo įsitikino šešiolika rajono abiturientų, kurie buvo susirinkę į jau tradiciniu tapusį „Esė rašymo praktikumą“, kurį organizuoja mūsų gimnazija.

Mokiniams buvo pateiktos šešios temos: „Dieting can change a person‘s life for the better or ruin one‘s health completely. Discuss“; „Students seem to be dependent on the Internet for their schoolwork. In your opinion, what are advantages and disadvantages of using the Internet to complete schoolwork?“; „Teenagers are often accused of not being active enough. What do you think? Explain your point of view, giving reasons and examples“; „Is graffiti an art or a vandalism?   Discuss“; „The modern family produces too much rubbish.  What do you think the solutions to this problem are?“; „There are far more effective punishments for criminals than prison.  Discuss“.

Iš jų mokiniai turėjo išsirinkti  vieną, jiems aktualiausią ar lengviausią, ir per 90 min. parašyti 250 – 350 žodžių apimties rašinį.

Mokinių darbai buvo užkoduoti, kad vertintojai, anglų kalbos mokytojai iš rajono gimnazijų ir vidurinių mokyklų, galėtų pasidalinti darbus ir juos įvertinti pagal anglų kalbos valstybinio brandos egzamino rašinio vertinimo lentelę.

Populiariausia tema buvo priklausomybė nuo interneto, jo teikiamų galimybių panaudojimas mokymuisi. Net vienuolika mokinių rinkosi šią temą ir geriausias darbas, surinkęs 23 taškus iš 24 galimų, parašytas  J. Graičiūno gimnazijos  IVb klasės mokinio Deivido Norvaišos (mokytoja I. Leščiauskienė) buvo šia tema. Pagal taškų skaičių (21) antras geriausias rašinys – Tytuvėnų gimnazijos mokinės Oksanos Ševčenko (mokytoja G. Karpinienė). Po 20 taškų surinko  tytuvėniškė Monika Maleckaitė (mokytoja I. Ridikienė) ir Gustė Kelpšaitė iš J. Graičiūno gimnazijos (mokytoja G. Rudzevičiūtė).

Šių mokinių rašinius ir publikuojame.

Gitana Rudzevičiūtė,
vyresnioji anglų kalbos mokytoja

Kelmės J. Graičiūno gimnazijos IVb klasės mokinys Deividas Norvaišas

Students seem to be dependent on the Internet for their schoolwork. In your opinion, what are advantages and disadvantages of using the Internet to complete schoolwork?

                     In recent years, the Internet has become one of the most widely discussed topics in the developed world. That is partly so because students from all around the world consider the Internet a key to success in completing schoolwork well. The purpose of this essay is to examine the positive and negative aspects of it.

                      To begin with, using the Internet may teach students more advanced topics of the studied subject than what is being taught in their respective educational institutions. The students are not limited by their teachers’ or peers’ knowledge in a given area. This means they will not be held back by them when it comes to learning. Moreover, students who embrace the Internet as their learning platform often save money. In the past couple of years, the Internet has become a common place for non-profit organizations to try and bring free education to the developing world. Lastly, the Internet aids students in becoming independent learners. With no-one to hold their hand, students learn the intricacies of individual research, which is a major part of higher education.

                      However, there would hardly be any discussions if there were no drawbacks. Firstly, students may get addicted to the Internet. With all of the world’s knowledge at their fingertips, students may try to look up a solution instead of figuring out on their own. In addition to that, the Internet decreases the capability of a student to remember things. With the previously mentioned argument, it is only natural to stop their memory as a result. Finally, the knowledge they find on the Internet may be incorrect. Freedom, while being a perk of the Internet, can also lead to unqualified people posting lies.

                      In conclusion, the Internet while full of vast amount of knowledge waiting to be understood, will also come with a vast amount of nonsense and the risk of being abused. A wise student would be intelligent to take the former and reject the latter.

Kelmės rajono Tytuvėnų gimnazijos IV gb klasės mokinė Oksana Ševčenko


Students seem to be dependent on the Internet for their schoolwork In your opinion, what are advantages and disadvantages of using the Internet to complete schoolwork?

      In our modern world almost everything is connected to the modern technologies: telephones, tablets, computers.  Almost every student who is about doing some schoolwork thinks about using the Internet for help.  Let’s take a look of advantages and disadvantages on this matter.

     Many students cannot imagine their life without the computer and there are some advantages of it. To begin with, on the Internet nearly every subject can be researched very quickly.  In particular, teenagers do not need to waste their important time for looking some information through book’s pages. Furthermore, students can save their money not buying books because on the Internet some topics can be more easily explained. Due to these reasons, learning by using the Internet has some significant benefits.

    On the other hand, computers can cause some serious problems. To start with, sometimes students are tempted to cheat. For instance, they rewrite every single word from the Internet without using their own mind. By the way, some irrelevant sites can distract teenagers from their schoolwork. It can cost their time which should be used for broadening their knowledge.  Even though these things are harmful for students, but the most important thing is that computer is useless thing for eyes. For these reasons, learning by the Internet can be quite bad in a few ways.

   In overall, there are some advantages and disadvantages on both sides. In my personal opinion, everyone should choose what is better – whether to do schoolwork on your own or use the Internet. The decision depends only on a person.

Kelmės Jono Graičiūno gimnazijos IVa klasės mokinė Gustė Kelpšaitė

Students sum to be depended on the Internet for their schoolwork. In your opinion, what are advantages or disadvantages of using the Internet to complete schoolwork?

We should acknowledge from the start that nowadays more and more people (especially students) are addicted to new technologies, mass media and, of course, the Internet. It is argued if the Internet helps students to make their assignments ready or just disturbs them while they are completing schoolwork. So, what are advantages or disadvantages of using the Internet while studying?

Firstly, the Internet makes everything including homework much easier. For example, if you have to make a huge Biology or History project, it is difficult to go to the library or school every time you need some new information, it is much easier to turn on your computer and surf the net to find the right answer. You do not even need to leave the house and waste your time. What is more, the Internet is the best and easiest way to communicate with classmates or even teachers. For instance, if you have to make your schoolwork in a group with other students, you needn’t go out and spend the entire night just because you need to discuss what you have done with the others, you can just create a group conversation on Skype and make all the things clear.

On the other hand, it is clear that using the Internet has some disadvantages such as wrong information that is given. It is for sure that many of us have faced to this annoying problem when we have looked for some important information and after we presented it, we have been told that some facts were not real. Moreover, the biggest problem of the Internet is that it ‘kills’ our time and ‘steals’ our concentration. For example, if we are completing our homework using the computer and any social site such as Facebook is turned on, we simply can’t give all our attention to the work we are trying to finish because we are chatting, watching videos or commenting friends’ pictures at the same time.

All things considered, there are many strong arguments for both sides – for and against using the Internet to complete schoolwork, we can’t weight advantages or disadvantages because there will always be two sides of this argument. In my view, the Internet makes everything easier if we use it as an extra tool which helps us, but it also can make things worse if the students forget that they are smart enough to complete the work using the best Wikipedia they have – brains.